COVID - 19 Updates


Due to the current state order, I am unable to do swim lessons at the CWAC facility at this time. Please contact me to be added to the wait list and be updated as new information becomes available.

***HOME LESSONS are currently the only available lesson option.

Overall Guidelines

 Please  follow all of the guidelines that have been put in place under the state order.  If you or your child has  symptoms of COVID-19 (or been exposed to anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19) including cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever (a temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or a feeling of feverishness), chills, muscle pain, and sore throat in the last 14 days, please call me to reschedule your swim lessons.  Also,  please check your child’s temperature EVERY day before bringing them to lessons to ensure that they have no fever (100.4 degrees F). 

Mask Guidance


The Instructor will not be wearing a mask as swim instruction requires the demonstration of how to hold their breath and use proper breathing techniques. These will need to be demonstrated and teaching these techniques is not conducive to wearing a mask.


Participants may wear a mask upon arrival and departure from each lesson. Upon entering the water, it is recommended that the mask not be worn. The participant will have their faces in and out of the water which is not conducive to wearing a mask.

Home Lesson Guidelines

  • A virus free environment is not a guarantee, and all participation is at ones own risk. 
  • The participant is responsible for proper maintenance and treatment of the pool prior to the lesson.  
  • The instructor will not enter the home and will remain outdoors at the pool area.  
  • All efforts of social distancing will be made during each lesson, but due to the nature of swim lessons certain situations will require interaction for the safety of the participant.
  • Please limit the number of non-participants on the pool deck during each lesson. The participants are responsible for maintaining the social distancing guidelines during the scheduled lesson time.